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Contributing member of JPG since June 2008.

One Life Competition

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Imagine My Surprise Original Photo/Haiku

Co-author Modern Ivory Netsuke.

Website featured in Shutterbug Magazine.

I Hate When That Happens Original Photo/Haiku

Maybe and That’s Final Original Photo/Haiku

Was It Good For You? Original Photo/Haiku

A Book…How Quaint Original Photo/Haiku

Relentless Sands Original Photo Haiku

See for Yourself  Original Photo/Haiku

I Missed the Memo Original Photo Haiku

Women Studies: Issa Channels Catullus Original Photo/Haiku

Haiku Reflections

Ohlone College Semester Abroad in Sydney, Australia in Fall 2006.

Book Savvy on Amazon

Shanghai Trip for Ohlone College.

Featured in Kellner’s English Education and Write What You See.

Linked In

“Tattoos,” featured in Go! Magazine

“Pacific Sunset” featured in Shutterbug’s “American the Beautiful.”

The Poetry of James Wright

Ohlone College Press Release Interview

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