About Cynthia Lee Katona


Cynthia Lee Katona has been an actively published photojournalist for over forty years. Her images have appeared in over fifty publications including: National Wildlife; Dog Fancy; Popular Photography; Twice Scene (b/w photographs); Cats Magazine; Chess Life; Go! Magazine; Best of Photography Forum Annual (22 of 24 years); Our Animals; Today’s Photographer; Modern Ivory Netsuke (co-authored with Anthony Chan); Our Animals; ON: Outnow; The Forum; Focal Point; Shutterbug; One Life; Book Savvy; Race, Poverty and the Environment.

Katona has also provided stock and custom images for major companies and institutions including: Apple Computer (Annual Report and library of 1,000 travel photos), Palm Press (postcards), The Learning Company (educational images), Ohlone College (educational and promotion images), Pacific Bell (newsletter), Betty’s List (event photography), Alameda County Library (archival photos), and Quantum (product shots).

Katona has repeatedly been a finalist or winner in many national contests including: Popular Photography’s Annual Contest; International Photography’s Funniest Photos Contest; Conde’ Nast’s Travel Contest, National Geographic Traveler’s Contest, and Serbin’s Best of Photography Annual Contest.

Katona has published ten books of images paired with haiku at blurb.com, and available on Amazon: 

See for Yourself
Women Studies: Issa channels Catullus
I Missed the Memo
Relentless Sands
A Book…How Quaint
Was It Good for You?
Maybe and That’s Final
I Hate When That Happens
Imagine My Surprise

Haiku Reflections

Katona is a Professor Emeritas of Photography with lifetime credentials in “Art and Design, Including Photography,” and “Communication Services and Related Technologies, Including Printing.” She is available to lecture on Travel Photography and has led travel photo groups in China, England, Australia and Costa Rica. She also does individual, group or cruise travel workshops.

Katona has an extensive library of stock photos from travels in: The United States, Europe, Greece, Costa Rica, The Yucatan, England, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Australia and China.

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